Boatbuilder committed to environmental sustainability

A focus on sustainability is a crucial part of what we do at Cockwells. We feel that we have a responsibility to approach boatbuilding with the future of the world around us in mind. We work to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We contribute to making wooden boatbuilding a sustainable industry within the UK for future generations. Through our apprenticeship programme we are ensuring that valuable traditional skills, learned from generations before us, are being passed-on to future generations.

Our role as a boatbuilder committed to environmental sustainability is illustrated by our tree planting scheme where we plant in excess of 100 trees every year in Cornwall (this is at least five times the amount we use).

The trees will be planted in sustainably-managed woodlands and our hope is that in 100 years from now some of them will still be around to support boatbuilders of that generation while, in the meantime, producing the environmental benefits trees bring to the local area and atmosphere we breathe.

Through this scheme we are investing in the future of the natural resource that we use. We also believe that we have a responsibility to be as efficient as possible with the timber we use currently.

We utilise every part of the log leaving nearly no waste. Depending on type, size and quality our waste wood is recycled in the following ways:

  • Re-used in smaller joinery projects
  • chopped and bagged for sale as firewood (biomass fuel)
  • poor quality dust and bits are composted

We are currently investigating the conversion of sawdust into wood pellet fuel or pressed board products. In a further attempt to minimise the waste that the company and our team produces, we actively recycle other products such as office paper, plastic & glass bottles, card etc.