Boat Name: Henrietta

Type: 30ft Classic motor launch

Asking Price: £100,000

In 2006, Henwood & Dean Boatbuilders were asked to design and build an Owner’s Launch for a historic 300 ft Steam Yacht that was undergoing a complete restoration. The original launch, built by Robertsons on the River Clyde in the 1930’s, had not survived but photographic evidence showed a 30 ft hull with a cabin or cuddy with a rounded front to protect the guests and an open forward crew cockpit. The brief for the new launch required a good turn of speed and considerable luxury for the guests.

Colin Henwood enlisted the help of designer Andrew Wolstenholme and together they came up with a design that echoed the 1930’s launch in style and comfort but provided a fast displacement hull capable of up to 18 knots. The accuracy and attention to detail on this launch is exceptional. Although this is a new boat built using modern wooden hull construction techniques, the launch fits the genuine 1930’s quality and detail of the mothership. However, there is now air conditioning, the latest communication and positioning equipment and a powerful lightweight diesel installation. All this modern equipment is hidden or disguised and the cabin and cockpit fit-out is built as Robertsons Boatbuilders would have done over 80 years ago.

The boat is built using only the highest quality materials and fittings, many of which were custom made. This unique and beautiful launch is now for sale offering a very rare opportunity to purchase a craftsman built bespoke boat in first class order that will turn heads in any harbour.


Principal dimensions

LOA: 9.19m (30ft)

Beam: 2.09m (6ft 10ins)

Draught: 0.74m (2ft 4ins)

Fuel capacity: 220 litres (48gal)

Water capacity: 2 x 61 litres (2 x 13gal)

Standard Specification includes

An epoxy bonded 18mm, Western Red Cedar strip planked hull.

Reinforced internally with a layer of 600g/sq.m bi-directional glass cloth

Reinforced externally with 450g/sq.m unidirectional glass cloth and then overlain with a 6mm layer of conventional carvel planking epoxy bonded to the sheathing.

The transom construction is two layers of 6mm Mahogany marine ply epoxy bonded, sheathed and planked externally to the same specification as the rest of the hull.

English Oak stem

Iroko keel

Internal centreline structure (hog, fore & aft deadwoods and shaft log) are in Utile

All the fastenings below the waterline are in silicon bronze

The internal hull structure is a 15mm Mahogany marine plywood framework based around two main longitudinals. These longitudinals are further reinforced with extended engine beds.

All the bulkheads, frames and longitudinals are epoxy bonded to the hull skin.

The deck structure is a conventional inwale and deck beam arrangement with a king plank centreline reinforcement overlain with 9mm Mahogany marine plywood. The 22mm Mahogany covering boards are rebated over the edge of the plywood sub-deck edge. The deck planking is epoxy bonded to the sub-deck and caulked with conventional polysulphide caulking

The cabin structure is built using traditional yacht joinery throughout. The roof structure is a 10mm layer of beaded tongue & groove Alaskan Yellow Cedar panelling overlain with two layers of epoxy bonded 6mm marine plywood and sheathed with a bi-directional glass cloth.

The electrical wiring for the cabin roof lights and the steaming light are contained within the 10mm panelling layer.