Every one of our custom-builds begins with the finest materials

We combine the highest quality timber with modern materials and techniques to achieve outstanding performance, optimal weight, increased durability and eye-catching style. Our customers not only benefit from the calibre of craftsmanship associated with a traditional yacht but also from the very latest innovations in technology.


The wood that we build from – teak, mahogany, oak, chestnut and walnut to name but a few – provides a rich, luxurious feel and solidity of construction that modern synthetic materials simply cannot match. We stock substantial quantities of specialist timber so that we can select the perfect piece for its precise purpose, ensuring that the natural grain of the wood matches the contour of the vessel.


Whilst we love to work with wood, we are also inspired by the creative potential of high-end composites from carbon and titanium to resin-infused laminates. We are highly experienced in utilising lightweight composites to create bespoke solutions to your exact specifications and to overcome any height or weight restrictions posed by the mothership.

Cast Bronze

We can create cast bronze parts and fittings to order by designing the patterns and sending them to our preferred foundry to be cast. The results are of a very high quality and are one of the only ways to ensure that your boat has precisely the fittings she needs. Many owners are surprised at how cost-effective this process is. A chromed bronze finish is also available.


This extremely strong, lightweight and versatile material has limitless potential. We utilise its qualities in a wide variety of applications from Bimini covers and grip poles to hull construction.


This extremely light yet intensely strong metal can be cast or machined and is highly resistant to salt water. At Cockwells, we have used it to create custom fittings that were specifically designed in-house for a bespoke superyacht tender.

Bespoke Metal Fittings

As it is not often possible to source new metal fittings for antique or classic yachts, we can design, create and have them cast for you so that you don’t ever have to compromise on look and feel.

From propellers, winches and lights to fairleads, cleats, rudderstocks and boat names, we can cast all manner of components to order whether in galvanized mild or stainless steel; in chromed or solid bronze.