Whilst we are passionate about working in wood and value the artisan traditions of the shipwright, we embrace the latest technological innovations

Although we are well-known for building timber hulls, using both traditional and modern strip-planked epoxy-sheathed methods, we are also adept at utilising lightweight composite technology.

Recognising that this is a highly specialised form of construction, we commission from Cornish companies who produce hulls and decks from epoxy-infused Aramid e-glass foam sandwich of the highest quality in their climate-controlled workshops. We then install bespoke joinery, deck fittings and engineering and electrical systems, and achieve the finest finish with the highest quality paint and varnish, all to your precise requirements and our exacting standards.

Bespoke CAN Bus systems

We install the latest CAN Bus systems allowing you to control every aspect of your boat from a centralised touchscreen interface that is specifically designed for your vessel. This means we can design a tender’s system to match its mothership and reflect its aesthetics and functionalities.

CNC Machining

Our in-house CNC machine allows us to cut our materials with precision, to a thousandth of a millimetre. Saving us precious time, this advanced piece of equipment ensures a more efficient build process.

Advanced navigation systems

Whether you require a Dynamic Positioning System, fly-by-wire navigation, or remote control of your vessel, we are adept at working with sophisticated systems and the latest technological advances.

High-tech materials

Explore our Materials page to gain a greater understanding of the variety of technologically advanced materials that we work with, including carbon and titanium.