Superyacht Tenders

Completed Projects

Type: 10.5m Titian Tender

Designer: Cockwells based on a concept by Redman Whiteley Dixon

Combining durable composites with the resilience of yellow cedar and the sleekness of teak, the custom Titian Tender is not just another beautiful bespoke boat from Cockwells Modern & Classic Boatbuilding but a modern masterpiece of artisan craftsmanship and technical ingenuity with its copper-infused caulking, silk panels imbued with original fine art and bespoke carpentry. The exquisite synthesis of speed and style.

With an interior designed by Cullum Bespoke, who bring expertise in luxe car design to the mix, this craft has been created by Cockwells’ in-house design team to incorporate innovation at every turn and is finished to superyacht industry standards in every aspect.

From stainless steel fittings that have been specifically cast, the virtual anchor and the hugely manoeuvrable twin-jet drive to the dynamic positioning and the touchscreen operated digital switching system, the contemporary chic of the corian and copper galley, and the automated bimini cover, the Titian Tender makes a statement.