October 14, 2022 Robb Report

This New All-Electric Glass Tender Literally Glides Above The Water. Cockwell’s futuristic 39-ft.
Alte Volare blends electric power with foiling technology to create a unique superyacht tender.

It might be Cockwells’ Titian Tender that stars in fashion brand Michael Kors’ latest advertising campaign, The Thrill of the Chase, alongside Bella Hadid and Alton Mason, but it was the British builder’s new hydrofoil tender concept, the Alte Volare, that stole the show at Monaco last month.
The 39-foot hydrofoil limousine borrows retractable foiling technology from the America’s Cup AC75 and pairs it with a fully electric drivetrain. The result is a quiet and comfortable ride that uses 80 percent less energy than a non-foiling hull at a fast-cruising speed of 40 knots.
The Alte Volare is part of a growing trend of electric hydrofoil tenders, with both Navier and Candela producing designs in the past couple of years. What sets the Alte Volare apart, however, is its innovative design that sees a large wrap-over section of glass pair the visibility of an open tender with the comfort of a limousine. Twin reclined lounges at the rear of the boat provide an immersive view through a full aft picture window.
“With striking styling and an ingenious layout that befits such a cutting-edge craft, this is a tender like no other,” said Cockwells’ design director, Henry Ward, in a statement.
Folding boarding steps amidships lead guests into the center cockpit. Aft of the cockpit is an airy salon with inward-facing seating for up to eight guests. Forward is comfortable bow seating for five guests with a removable infill cushion providing a large sun pad.
The Alte Volare was part of a study by Cockwells to advance the shipyard’s technological skill set. It uses a single electric motor on its forward foil, and control surfaces on the aft foil. After a day on the water, the tender is charged on board the mothership.
“We’ve fused advanced techniques and modern materials with intelligent design and exquisite craftsmanship to create a unique tender,” said Dave Cockwell, owner and managing director of Cockwells.
Whether the concept ever makes it to market will depend on a potential owner’s appetite for grasping the future of electric foiling technology now.
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