British-designed and British-built.

Meticulously crafted to your precise specifications.

With 25 years’ experience of building beautiful bespoke craft for discerning clients that deliver on performance as well as aesthetic, we are a family-run business, a reputable brand and a growing company that is globally respected.


With more than 100 employees, we are one of the largest and most well-established tender builders in the industry.


Whether you require a luxury limousine, a high-performance sports boat, a modular utility craft, a semi-custom crew RIB or a chase vessel, our tenders are the ultimate piece of kit for busy owners and crew.


Pushing the boundaries of construction, electronics and engineering, we fuse advanced techniques and modern materials with ingenious design and exquisite craftsmanship to create unique tenders that perfectly complement your mothership, your distinctive personality and your lifestyle.


Our ongoing investment in infrastructure and superyacht-standard facilities keeps us ahead of the curve in terms of creative problem-solving so no design challenge is ever too great. Whatever you want, you can have!


If you seek exacting standards, exemplary client service, comprehensive after-sales care and absolute peace of mind, why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?

The task was clear: make tenders that matched the performance and beauty of Sybaris. The result: two magnificent Cockwell tenders.”


Design & Build
Henry Ward

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Henry Ward

Design Director


Cockwells Launch 8m Convertible Limousine for International Market