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LATEST News - 23.05.2024 YachtBuyer: Hardy’s Pocket Battleship | Hardy 50 DS Sea Trial & Review
16.05.2024 Press Statement: Fire at Cockwells’ Production Facility in Ponsharden
12.04.2024 World Debut for Cockwells’ Hardy 50DS at South Coast and Green Tech Boat Show
07.02.2024 Cockwells’ apprentices learn raft of new boatbuilding skills
05.02.2024 Cockwells’ 13m Limousine Tender Awarded Judges’ Commendation at the BOAT International Design & Innovation Awards
18.12.2023 Demand for Cockwells’ custom-built craft soars and stimulates further growth
18.12.2023 Cockwells’ 13m Limousine Tender Selected as a Finalist for International Design and Innovation Award
01.12.2023 All change at the helm: Cockwells announces new senior management structure
25.10.2023 Cockwells joins forces with Cornwall Marine Network to launch unique boatbuilding apprenticeship scheme
10.10.2023 Cockwells creates second tender for Malahne
26.09.2023 Cockwells to premiere ultimate sports tender and star of Netflix Original at MYS23
12.09.2023 Southampton International Boat Show: Cockwells showcases star of Netflix Original and ultimate family fun boat
12.09.2023 Cockwells Delivers First All-New Hardy 50DS
06.09.2023 Renaissance quartet: Cockwells creates four tenders for Spain’s largest superyacht
05.07.2023 Cockwells marks another successful year with Owners’ Rally in Poole, Dartmouth and Fowey
25.05.2023 Duchy Motor Launches Debut Down Under
23.03.2023 Cockwells’ tenders star alongside Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx in new Netflix Original
10.03.2023 Into the Blue: Cockwells delivers high-speed catamaran tenders to Lürssen
28.02.2023 Boat International: Seamlessly merging the old and the new
20.02.2023 Motorboat & Yachting: Duchy Sport Review
20.02.2023 DRIFT: Leaving others in its wake
21.12.2022 Cockwells Sells First Duchy 35 Down Under
20.12.2022 Cockwells’ Modular Tender Nominated for International Design and Innovation Award
09.12.2022 Cockwells’ Duchy Sport Nominated for a Motorboat Award
06.12.2022 Cockwells announces recruitment drive following increased boat show demand for custom-built craft
29.11.2022 Cockwells Duchy Sport first look: Is this the perfect wake-surfing day boat?
14.10.2022 Robb Report: This New All-Electric Glass Tender Literally Glides Above The Water
12.10.2022 More career opportunities at Cockwells reflect boat show demand for custom-built craft
30.09.2022 UKOPRA: Cockwells launches some of the participating powerboats at Ponsharden
28.09.2022 Superyacht News: Cockwells showcases two tenders at MYS
26.09.2022 Cockwells’ Titian Tender stars in Michael Kors’ Fall 2022 campaign
21.09.2022 Cockwells takes the art of the possible to new heights at MYS22
13.09.2022 Cockwells launches first Duchy Sport at SIBS22
28.07.2022 Cockwells yard tour – redefining tradition
20.07.2022 Cockwells marks continuing growth with Owners’ Rally in Falmouth, Dartmouth and Yarmouth
24.06.2022 DRIFT: Grace and favour
25.04.2022 Boating Business: Cockwells builds new Hardy designs
22.04.2022 Falmouth Packet: Cockwells boatbuilder in Cornwall hosts student work experience
22.04.2022 Superyacht News: Cockwells launches new version of its 9m Modular Tender
14.04.2022 Cockwells inspires local students to consider careers in boatbuilding
14.04.2022 Cockwells launches Fast Guest Transfer Shuttle version of its 9m Modular Tender
14.04.2022 First all-new Hardy designs in-build
12.04.2022 Robb Report: Yacht Tenders Are More Sophisticated Than Ever. Here’s Why.
17.02.2022 Cockwells nominated for Classic Boat Award for first Hardy to be launched in Cornish waters: please show your support and vote
21.01.2022 Cockwells celebrates strong forward order book for bespoke craft with raft of new career opportunities
18.01.2022 Boot Exclusiv: Dinghy with Modular Principle
07.01.2022 Owners’ Rally 1st – 3rd July 2022
21.12.2021 The Times LUXX: Boats with curves, class and a hint of naughtiness.
20.12.2021 Cockwells and our community
28.09.2021 Monaco Yacht Show 2021 launches and concept reveals
08.09.2021 Cockwells to reveal Duchy Sport concept and all-new Hardy range at SIBS21
31.08.2021 Southampton International Boat Show 2021
10.06.2021 All-new Hardy models soon to be released
06.06.2021 Cockwells launches first Hardy motor yacht in Cornwall
29.04.2021 25 years of style and craftsmanship
08.03.2021 Cockwells acquires South West Shipyard in Ponsharden
06.10.2020 Bentley Drivers’ Club Magazine: When two worlds collide
20.09.2020 Motor Boat & Yachting: Cockwells buys Hardy
18.09.2020 IBI: Tenders and toys
18.09.2020 Covid-19 fails to blow niche tender and toys sectors off course
11.09.2020 Southampton Boat Show
01.08.2020 The Gentleman Magazine: Cockwells restores Dunkirk Little Ship, Fleury II
09.07.2020 West Briton: Dunkirk Little Ship sails as boatbuilders bring history to life
01.07.2020 Cornwall Today: The little ship that sailed again
25.06.2020 Western Morning News: Dunkirk ‘little ship’ sets sail once again
27.02.2020 West Briton: Max restores Elixir to set sail on magical adventure
25.02.2020 Boat International: Little Devils
06.12.2019 Annual open evening
28.11.2019 BOAT International: Cover Boat – Top Dog
14.11.2019 Cornwall marine conference
13.11.2019 International Boat Industry: UK SY tender manufacturer to present at Cornwall Marine Conference
23.10.2019 Business Cornwall: International boat show success for Cockwells
16.10.2019 On Board: The Brit Pack
14.10.2019 Boat International: The top toys and tender at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019
08.10.2019 Classic Boat: Twin-cabin 35 with traditional appeal
25.09.2019 Monaco Yacht Show 2019
13.09.2019 Southampton International Boat Show 2019
30.08.2019 Superyacht News: Cockwells to launch Air-Sport 7.0 at MYS
21.08.2019 Country & Town House: Rule Britannia
16.08.2019 Yachting: Scouts honor
09.08.2019 Boat Attitude: Cockwells to launch luxury Air-Sport 7.0 at MYS19
06.08.2019 Motor Boat & Yachting: Cockwells launches boatbuilding academy
03.08.2019 Boat International: Cockwells delivers 8m tender to 63m Hakvoort Explorer Scout
26.07.2019 Drift – Volume 01 : The Art of Boat Building
25.07.2019 Boisdale Life – The Nautical Issue: Making Waves
14.06.2019 Player: Tender does it
14.06.2019 The English Braids Falmouth Classics 2019
03.06.2019 Business Cornwall: David Cockwells tells all
31.05.2019 Cockwells Launch 8m convertible limousine for international market
07.05.2019 Motor Boat Awards 2019
24.04.2019 Cockwells launch 8m convertible limousine for international market
07.02.2019 Boat Attitude: Cockwells’ Titan Tender takes the Concours D’élégance Trophy at the CYF
15.01.2019 Wooden Boat Magazine: Cockwells’ heart of wood
10.01.2019 West Briton: The big story – busy boatbuilder shipshape to 2021
13.12.2018 Cockwells celebrates unprecedented success
01.11.2018 Boot Exclusiv: Tenders and Toys
16.10.2018 Boat International: A Titan masterpiece
29.09.2018 Cockwells showcase superlative superyacht tenders at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show
13.08.2018 Boat International: Small but cool
06.08.2018 Unveiling the Titian tender and opening the Lockhouse
21.07.2018 St Mawes Boat Show 2018
19.07.2018 West Briton: Unveiling of the luxury Titan Tender
19.07.2018 Exclusively British Magazine: Britannia rules the waves
19.07.2018 Cockwells to launch a new range of boat care packages at the St Mawes Boat Show 2018
07.07.2018 Contemporary creekside HQ for Cockwells
01.07.2018 Cowes Magazine: The Art of Boating
22.06.2018 Cockwells sponsors Falmouth Classics
01.06.2018 Cockwells unveil ultra-luxurious Titian Tender and new services for owners
18.05.2018 Unveiling the Titan tender and opening the Lock House
11.05.2018 Dartmouth Owners’ Club 2018
19.04.2018 Cornwall Life: Experience life on the coast
13.04.2018 Business Cornwall: Contemporary creekside HQ for Cockwells
13.02.2018 Western Morning News: The Duchy 35
12.01.2018 Cockwells’ Duchy 35 crowned winner of 2018 motor boat award
10.01.2018 Motor Boat & Yachting magazine’s Motor Boat Awards 2018
15.12.2017 Temporary office relocation
11.12.2017 Boat International Showboats Design Awards
08.11.2017 Motor Boat & Yachting: The Duchy 35
27.10.2017 Invitation to tender for Integrated ERP, CRM and accounting solution
13.10.2017 Cockwells’ unprecedented boat show success secures more opportunities for skilled craftsmen
27.09.2017 Monaco Yacht Show 2017
15.09.2017 Southampton Boat Show 2017
15.09.2017 World Premiere: Cockwells to unveil Duchy 35 at Southampton Boat Show 2017
01.08.2017 The Gentleman Magazine: The Duchy 35
21.07.2017 Cornwall On The Water: Modern classics
06.07.2017 Norfolk couple take delivery of stylish Cornish day boat
26.06.2017 From Cornwall to Berkshire: Cockwells showcases stylish open day boat at Beale Park
15.04.2017 Global Brand, Cornish Creek
01.04.2017 Snap, Crackle, Pop: Restoration of a dragon
10.03.2017 Invitation to tender for construction works at Cockwells Modern & Classic Boatbuilding
07.02.2017 At The Helm: Master boat builder Dave Cockwell
06.02.2017 Cockwells scoops international industry award for superior superyacht tender
30.01.2017 Cockwells’ Duchy 21 shortlisted for Classic Boat award
27.01.2017 Cockwells bespoke superyacht tenders shortlisted in international industry awards
19.01.2017 New year, new website
16.12.2016 Open evening at the yard 2016
01.12.2016 Cockwells celebrates 20 years with burgeoning order book and shout out for new staff
26.11.2016 Cockwells receives funding for new CNC machine
06.10.2016 Cockwells launches sleek new design for 14.5m custom landing craft
11.09.2016 Monaco Yacht Show 2016
01.08.2016 Our reputation for excellence continues to grow
15.07.2016 Cockwells invent bespoke solution to Perini Navi ketch challenge
17.06.2016 Proud sponsor of the Falmouth Classics 2016
11.05.2016 Southampton Boat Show 2016
04.05.2016 The London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show 2016
30.04.2016 Jersey Boat Show 2016
25.11.2015 Cockwells launches new 9.5m Limousine Tender
25.09.2015 Cockwells launches a new 8m convertible limousine tender design
13.08.2015 Cockwells launches The Duchy 21 design
11.08.2015 Owners’ Club event 2015
17.07.2015 Mylor Creek boatyard roast 2015
23.06.2015 J Class Regatta 2015
08.10.2014 Cockwells expands to meet international demand
01.02.2014 Cockwells exhibit at Boot Dusseldorf
08.05.2019 Cockwells’ Titian Tender highly commended at 2019 Motor Boat of the Year Awards
25.01.2021 Vote for Cockwells’ restoration of a Dunkirk Little Ship in the 2021 Classic Boat Awards
12.06.2019 Merlin showcases the superlative skills of the shipwright at English Braids Falmouth Classics
02.09.2019 Cockwells to offer award-winning Duchy 35 at MYS19
22.10.2019 International boat show success for Cockwells
03.11.2020 Cockwells pivots in Covid-19 show cancellations
03.07.2019 Cockwells launches academy for the boatbuilders of the future
04.09.2020 Cockwells acquires Hardy Marine
23.06.2020 Cockwells restores Dunkirk Little Ship, Fleury II
15.05.2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) updated 15/05/2020
27.02.2020 New Life for Elixir: Classic yacht restored in Mylor for global adventure
26.02.2020 Cockwells nominated for two classic boat awards: Show your support and vote
07.08.2019 Cockwells to launch luxury Air-Sport 7.0 at MYS19
26.07.2019 Cockwells reveal twin-cabin Duchy 35 at 2019 Southampton Boat Show