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November 28, 2019 BOAT International: Cover Boat – Top Dog

The 63.7m Hakvoort explorer Scout is a beautiful home away from home for an adventurous owner, his partner and their canine companions…

There is a sense of purpose to scout – well, actually, more than one purpose. With a high bow, massive greyhole and Tower index, it’s hard not to get the sense that this nearly 64-metre yacht is meant for open seas and far Horizons. Scout is the largest yacht – by length and volume – delivered by the 100-year-old Hakvoot yard. Big shoulders, in the form of a sun deck arch, wrap around the superstructure while a helipad atop the mooring deck says she’s serious about going Places. but, as you get to know this boat more intimately, it becomes clear that her nature is anything but coldly utilitarian.


Scout’s role is to be a safe and secure floating home on which owner James Berwind and his partner Kevin Clarke, will spend about seven months a year, accompanied by their rescue dogs named Brio and Scout.


“We want to enjoy the sea and the fresh air and travel with our dogs. we live casually outdoors so a yacht suits us; it’s a vehicle to take us places,” Berwind says. After Florida and the Caribbean this winter, they will venture to remote parts of the British Isles, the Fjords of Scandinavia and Hawaii (for starters).


His previous yacht was a 45-metre full-displacement, drawn and styled by Ron Holland, with a quasi-explorer look and a large open top deck. “ We knew we did not want the white wedding cake look,” says Clark.


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