April 22, 2022 Falmouth Packet: Cockwells boatbuilder in Cornwall hosts student work experience

A Cornwall-based boatbuilding company is hoping to pass on its expertise to the next generation of boatbuilders and welcomed four local students to take part in a week’s work experience.

Cockwells Modern & Classic Boatbuilding has said it is keen to pass on its knowledge and experience to future generations, and to that end, the Mylor-based boatbuilder was pleased to welcome four students from Penryn College to undertake work experience.

The Year 10 students – Toby, Mackenzie, Thomas and Alex – learned a range of techniques from laminating a boat with fiber glass and creating a wooden cabinet door to installing seating and door frames, and polishing a hull.

The students also enjoyed the thrill of testing out the latest version of the Company’s 9m Modular Tender, which can be adapted for many different uses, from an on-the-water beach club, or in this case, to a fast transfer shuttle for twelve guests.

Alex said: “I really enjoyed learning about all the different stages of the boatbuilding process and, in particular, going out on a sea trial to test the performance of a finished boat.

“Everyone I got to meet was extremely nice and very helpful in teaching me what to do.

“Although I am not entirely sure which career path I want to pursue when I leave school, I am very interested in boatbuilding and this experience has further enhanced my interest.”

Founder & Managing Director, Dave Cockwell, said: “Cockwells is a family-run business and a reputable brand that is respected in the international boatbuilding industry.

“We are expanding the range of high-end craft we design and build; investing in the company and our workforce, and creating new career opportunities for local people.

“It was a pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with these students and I hope we have provided them with the impetus to consider boatbuilding as their future employment.”

Penryn College Careers Lead, Kim Snowdon, added: “Without the support of local businesses, we would not be able to give our students this valuable insight into the world of work, which increases awareness of their own skills and strengths; enhances their motivation; enables them to appreciate the skills they will need and helps them to understand how school subjects link into adult working life.

“We are very grateful for all the experiences and skills that Cornish businesses, such as Cockwells, have taken the time to share with them during what has been a very successful work experience week.”

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