Cockwells - Limousine Tender - Exterior
September 18, 2020 IBI: Tenders and toys

The tender market is one of the most diverse and innovative of all boating sectors. IBI spotlights some of the latest trends and dips into the similarly dynamic world of superyacht toys

You only have to glance at the brokerage ads for 10-year plus old superyachts to see how the market for tenders has evolved in recent years. The once humble ship to shore vessel has spawned one of the most dynamic markets in the leisure marine business as motherships get bigger and owners get increasingly adventurous and forensic with what they want and need to complement their leisure experience. Key trends shaping the tender landscape today include the rise in electric propulsion; the desire among owners of larger superyachts over 40m of having numerous, specialist craft rather than a solitary workhorse; increased customisation; and the often overlooked, but most critical component value.


“Superyacht owners and crews seem better informed and well-researched,” says Dave Cockwell at UK tender specialist Cockwells. “They are coming to us with increasingly specific requests. Some are looking for simple, low-tech working boats whilst others are looking for more automation, but whatever the specification, tenders must seamlessly mirror the aesthetics of the mothership.”


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