April 22, 2022 Superyacht News

The 9m modular tender is now available as a Fast Guest Transfer Shuttle…

Cockwells launched the 9m Modular Tender last year at the Monaco Yacht Show, featuring custom modules that are lowered on board a base boat to transform it into any number of bespoke variations to match the precise requirements of its mothership.
This version of the 9m Modular Tender is propelled by twin 325hp petrol engines to achieve up to 48 knots, with an electrically-operated integrated bow ramp that enables easy boarding from ship, shore and sand.
“Not only can our 9m Module tender act as an on-the-water beach club or fast guest transfer shuttle, it can also be a luxury limousine or a workboat for enhanced practicality. The beauty of this craft is that you can store multiple modules on your mothership or support vessel, and customise all of them in any way you choose,” explains Cockwells’ design director, Henry Ward.
“Whether you require a luxury limousine, a high-performance sports boat, a modular utility craft, a semi-custom crew RIB or a chase vessel, our tenders are the ultimate piece of kit for busy owners and their crew,” adds founder and managing director Dave Cockwell. “Pushing the boundaries of the possible when it comes to construction, electronics and engineering, we fuse advanced techniques and modern materials with intelligent design and exquisite craftsmanship to create unique tenders that perfectly complement your mothership, your distinctive personality and your lifestyle. If you seek cutting-edge design, exacting standards, exemplary client service, comprehensive after-sales care and absolute peace of mind, we look forward to discussing your requirements.”

Tenders, their uses and their development will form one of the central themes in the upcoming The Superyacht Operations Report. Having evolved from workhorses into luxury experiences in and of themselves, tenders play a central role in the superyacht experience today, which accounts for the variety of products now available.

Additionally, The Superyacht Group is currently curating a digital version of The Tenders & Toys Report. If you’re a tender or chase boat manufacturer, specialist toy or RIB company and want to communicate with Captains, First Officers, Managers & Owners this summer or have an exciting new tender, RIB or toy to promote to the sector, get in touch eliott@thesuperyachtgroup.com and we will show you how you can capitalise on this interactive and intelligent kick start campaign, timed to engage with buyers throughout 2022.

Following the link to find out more about Tenders & Toys – Digital Proposition

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