Cockwells - TT Sybaris (limousine)
July 15, 2016 Cockwells invent bespoke solution to Perini Navi ketch challenge

Cockwells has launched two state-of-the-art 7m superyacht tenders that are bound for Italy to join their mothership,the 70m Perini Navi ketch, Sybaris – a vessel that had presented them with a particular design challenge.

The client had chosen to commission a custom-made sports boat and a limousine tender rather than purchase off-the-shelf, but since the mothership’s tender garage had already been designed and built beneath its foredeck – leaving space for only a pair of RIBs – it was our happy challenge to custom-build tenders that would complement the shallow space available.


To resolve this conundrum, we came up with the inventive idea of designing the limousine tender with a detachable roof built from ultra-lightweight materials.


“Cockwells’ reputation for quality, flexibility and creative problem-solving is exemplified by this innovative design,” explains Managing Director, Dave Cockwell. “Once the tender is in its garage, the crew can undo the latches that hold the roof in place, turn it upside down and place it back down into the cockpit well of the tender, which reduces the tender’s height by half and enables it to sit comfortably beneath the mothership’s foredeck. We are proud of our 100% success rate at meeting client design challenges and this limousine tender for Sybaris is no exception.”


You can see how this works in practice here.


The custom-made sports boat was similarly designed around the space available to be both low in profile and easy to manoeuvre.


These bespoke tenders, for which we are earning international renown, have exceeded all expectations during their sea trials. Our judicious use of high tech materials such as titanium and carbon combined with 260 horsepower Yanmar engines result in exemplary performance, comfort and style.


Even with crew and fuel, the weight of the sports tender is less than 1.8 tonnes and the limousine tender is just over 2 tonnes. The limousine tender is the perfect craft for cruising and relaxing with its maximum speed of 36 knots whilst the sports boat’s top speed of 37 knots makes it the ideal choice for water sports or fast transits.


View both tenders:

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