"Having had the pleasure of enjoying COCOMO for a couple of weeks now, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and the entire team at Cockwells for building us the perfect boat. Deciding to buy a Duchy 35 was a bit of a leap of faith, but we are so pleased that we made that decision. COCOMO really has surpassed our expectations in every way. We have had many admiring comments about COCOMO already, and I hope that her profile in The Solent brings Cockwells more enquiries. Your support, attention to detail and patience has been invaluable and made for a very enjoyable process. I am saving for a Duchy 45 already. "

Caspar McDonald : Duchy 35 Cocomo

"Six entries were declared finalists for the Showboats Design Award for Best Tender & Support Vessel Design by the subcommittee and reviewed by the full panel of judges. While several tenders captured their eye, the performance, the simplicity of the forward helm position and the luxury automobile-like interior of the 12-passenger-plus-crew Cockwells 9.5m Limousine won their votes. They especially liked the glass skylight panel and sliding glass access hatch, which help to prevent passengers from feeling a sense of confinement in a vessel that had a contractual low profile of 1.75m to fit a particular tender garage. Carbon composite kept weight to 4 tonnes, while a single Yanmar engine delivers 32 knots at full throttle."

Boat International : 9.5m Limousine Tender

"The task was clear: make tenders that matched the performance and beauty of Sybaris. The result: two magnificent Cockwell tenders."

Owner : T/T Sybaris

"The custom build of this open picnic launch has surpassed all my expectations. The sea trials demonstrated the seaworthy nature of this design and the quality of the joinery workmanship is superb. This is an elegant boat and I am lucky to be the proud owner."

Andrew Salvesen : Owner - 27ft Farouk

"With a Cockwells boat you get something full of character, craftsmanship, attention to detail and a nice, solid feel. Dave’s boats have real style. We’re absolutely delighted with Ocean Fauna. In fact we’ve decided that we like the boat so much that we use her a lot for staying overnight – but we could do with just a little more room, so we’ve asked Dave to build us a slightly larger boat that will have a separate cabin."

Richard Worswick : Owner - 32ft Ocean Fauna

"We would like to thank Cockwells for the limousine tender recently delivered; the project was on time and the vessel exceeded all expectations. Working with Dave and his team was a great experience."

Julien Jouault : Project Manager for the mothership - 9.5m Limousine

"When commissioning a new boat the design brief to meet your personal needs is a very important part of the process. After our first meeting it was clear Dave Cockwell shared my vision for the new boat. To be involved with the build process and witness the great craftsmanship, attention to detail and fine design was really enjoyable. The outcome is beyond my expectations, a classic boat with beautiful finishes but with a contemporary edge and the latest technology."

Stephen Hubbard : Owner - 33ft Impulsive

"Wherever she goes, the classic lines and gleaming varnish of this tender will turn heads at first glance. Those who get the chance for a closer look will be further impressed by the exemplary standard of workmanship and superb detailing throughout."

Classic Boat : T/T Malahne

"I really can’t say enough good things about Cockwells. If I ever have another boat, I'm keen that Dave Cockwell will build it. I have sailed her for two seasons now and I’m absolutely delighted with her. She consistently impresses me and I’m very pleased with the nature of the boat, her build quality and how she sails. I constantly admire Cockwells' workmanship, attention to detail and really high standards of build. Having been aboard many other similar boats, I’m really glad I’ve got a Cockwells pilot cutter. "

Lance Whitehead : Owner - 48ft Merlin

"Dave has a natural flair for understanding what an owner wants in a boat and, crucially, he asks the right questions to get results. He gets the best from boat designers. It’s his deep understanding of boats that makes him a great guy to work with and it’s his open and persevering personality that makes the whole process tick."

Jeremy Turner : Owner - 37Ft LIIT

"The tender is everything that we had planned for in the initial concept phase. Great accommodation for 12 guests and exceptional performance from the twin Yanmar / Hamilton package. We think she will be a great tender, versatile as a guest transporter and also a practical sports boat."

Eddie Cooney : Captain - Grace E

"In the design process Dave's input has been huge. He has a rare talent for practical design as well as attention to detail and aesthetics. I'm a big fan of natural materials and I think wooden boats have a certain feel in the water that plastic boats don't have."

Richard Worswick : Owner - 32Ft Ocean Fugue

"With a Cockwells boat, you get attention to detail, old-fashioned workmanship and skill in spade-loads. I sometimes think we’ve become a nation of fitters and installers with little real, true engineering left – but there are some pockets of artisans left practising proper craft and Dave Cockwell is one of them."

Kim Hartley : Owner - 45ft Polly Agatha