New Malahne Tender

T/T Malahne (2023)

Maintaining the classic, opulent finish of the first tender for Malahne that Cockwells built in 2016, this new tender strikes the perfect balance between classical elegance and enhanced engineering to provide outstanding performance for modern leisure.

With a cold-moulded construction for the hull and deck, she is clad with varnished Brazilian mahogany and her helm console is trimmed with quilted maple veneer.


Whilst showcasing the artisan craftsmanship, attention to detail and sumptuous style for which Cockwells is renowned in abundance – including replicating 1930s techniques with the application of 18 coats of varnish – this new craft, built in collaboration with Wolstenholme Yacht Design, also demonstrates the company’s prowess in utilising up-to-the-minute technology and advanced electrical systems within the context of traditional refinement.


A spray hood forward pops up from behind luxurious upholstery to protect guests from the sun’s rays or a turn in the weather. A generous bathing platform can be lowered electronically for effortless egress into the ocean via the swimming/beach ladder and a Yanmar 4LV250 diesel engine with Mercruiser Bravo sterndrive powers the vessel to achieve a thrill-seeking speed of up to 38 knots.


Every conceivable aspect of this tender is controlled via a touchscreen from the helm, from the lighting to the bathing platform, which, together with the engine hatches, moves on linear actuators to provide absolute motion control.


The aesthetics of this craft are an equal match for the engineering precision that underpins it. The tender will be stowed on the aft boat deck of the mothership, so that she can be seen clearly from the aft saloon, where guests can sit back, relax and observe this exquisite example of nautical artistry.

  • Length overall 7.6m
  • Stowed height 1.75m
  • Beam 2.4m
  • Design draft 0.4m
  • Displacement 2 tonnes (lightship)
  • Engine Yanmar 4LV250 diesel
  • Maximum speed 38 knots
  • Seating 12 guests + 2 crew
  • New Malahne Tender - Image Credit Cockwells
  • New Malahne Tender Helm
  • New Malahne Tender Helm
  • New Malahne Tender Stern
  • Malahne Tender 2023 - image credit Cockwells
  • Cockwells Malahne
  • Cockwells Malahne
  • Cockwells Malahne

“The new tender performed perfectly, as the second Cockwells tender we’ve commissioned for Malahne it has surpassed our expectations. As a custom wooden launch, it has an excellent sea keeping capability, dry and comfortable for guests even in agitated seas, along with looking the part as a tender for Malahne.”


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